Maine Newborn Photography|Cousins

Some of our favorite clients gave us the best surprise this year.  They are sisters-in-law and had their babies one day apart!  When they approached us with the idea to do some photographs of the babies together, we were game!  And here is some of the resulting magic! CantwellBlog-4


And, of course, we also did individual newborn portraits for each sweet bundle and his family.  CantwellBlog-6

I couldn’t resist getting some individual images of adorable big brother and sister at the end.  Theirs smiles are just the best!



Amanda told me her she loves the color green on her little man and I already had this set up waiting to go!  It was meant to be and I just adore the images that resulted!


I do it for the snuggles    ~Sarah

Seacoast Fresh 48 | Sbordone Family

If baby Hadley’s birth story is any indication of her personality, this little lady LOVES to make a grand entrance! Not only did she make her excited parents (and ME! 🙂 ) wait over a week past her due date, but she strategically arrived right between two Nor’Easters. By the time I made my way down to their home for our session, she was almost two weeks old, but oh boy was it worth the wait! I spent so much of our time together marveling at how calm she was…she would fade in and out of sleep between outfit changes and hardly made a peep.  One of the great things about doing these sessions in the clients home is that I get to photograph them in their own space; in the very places where they will spend the most time with their new baby.  I get to see the nursery that they spent hours planning and putting together, rows of baby clothes hanging in the closet just waiting to be worn.  Hadleys nursery was basically what I would like my own room NOW to look like! It was so warm and inviting, with little details that showed me how thought had gone into creating it. And if were being honest, it made me guilty that we still refer to my sons bedroom as ‘the office’. 🙂2018-03-29_00032018-03-29_0002The new Mom and Dad both seemed like they had been doing this ‘parent thing’ forever. It was clear they both were beyond smitten with their little girl.2018-03-29_0004

2018-03-29_0008What is it about Dads and babies? Is there anything sweeter than seeing the way such a tiny little person can make a grown man melt? 2018-03-29_0009OK…maybe baby feet are sweeter than Dads? And while I kinda feel guilty essentially saying feet are better than Dads…I can’t help myself! I mean look at these little baby tootsies!  Is there any way to keep baby feet tiny forever? 2018-03-29_0011After spending so much time with this family in their home and hearing from Mom the full story of Hadleys birth, I was in awe of her. She worked so hard to bring Hadley into this world, and hearing her say she was just thankful that she was here and healthy, despite things not going perfectly to ‘plan’, was wonderful.2018-03-29_0010Not only did I get to meet the human baby 🙂 but I got to meet the fur babies! These two were so in love with their new sister! 🙂 They followed us everywhere and so of course we needed them in the family photo!2018-03-29_0007Being welcomed into someones home during such a special season in their lives will never get old for me. It means so much that families trust me to document their first days together. Thank you Sbordone family for welcoming me into your home and letting me steal some baby snuggles!2018-03-29_0006




Valentines Baby | Maine Newborn Photographer



This beautiful baby girl was in the studio on Valentines day.  She was sleepy, smiley, newborn perfection.


What a beautiful family she, her mom and her dad make.



Sweet dreams sweet one.

I do it for the snuggles  ~Sarah


Daddy’s Girls | Maine Newborn Photographer

I’m just going to go ahead and continue my celebrating love theme from last week.  This family was so sweet and special.  Watching the kind and gentle way they interacted with their children and each other brought me such joy.  BlogerBLOG-4

Sweet big sister moments.BlogerBLOG-1

Quiet mommy moments.BlogerBLOG-3

And special daddy-daughter bonding moments truly melted my heart.

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For sure we did some of her very own shots too.  After big sister played her awesome role in sibling and family shots, daddy took her on their way.  It felt like her momma and I had known each other forever as we just sat and chatted while I worked with this sweet baby girl. BlogerBLOG-2-2BlogerBLOG-4-2BlogerBLOG-5-2

What a privilege to be trusted to capture these fleeting moments and freeze them in time.  I do it for that…

…and the snuggles ~Sarah

Bright Eyes | Posed Newborn Photography

This little guy was so alert and so awake for much of his session.  And his hair!  Oh, wait ’til you see his hair!  His numerous and varied expressions kept me entertained the whole time.  I was giggling and totally smitten!WallaceBLOG-1

When you look at these next, numerous sleepy shots you’ll think I was lying about the awake bit.  But let me let you in on a little secret… when they fall asleep… you work fast!  I don’t remember the total time he was sleeping but it was maybe 20 minutes or so.  Are you ready for the hair?  Here it comes… just look at him!WallaceBLOG-3WallaceBLOG-4WallaceBLOG-2WallaceBLOG-6

A little Red Sox action HAD to be thrown in as this couple was from Massachusetts and dad came to the studio wearing that navy cap with the red B one the front.  Like father like Son.WallaceBLOG-5

Aaaaand we’re awake again.  Who wrapped me up?  I can’t get my arms out.  Where are my arms?  Where am I and why am I wearing this bear hat?WallaceBLOG-7

And here’s the newly minted family of three.WallaceBLOG-8

We all got a kick out of this last one.  Rarely do I capture bloopers like these on camera.  They happen… all the time.  They just usually happen while I’m posing them and my camera is not in my hands.  But this one, we captured and they were stoked about that.  So, of course, it made it into the gallery 🙂WallaceBLOG-9

hehe.  I do it for the snuggles ~Sarah