Beautiful Boy | Maine Newborn Photographer

I know beautiful isn’t a typical word used to describe boys.  But I feel like I can get away with it referencing a newborn baby boy.  Especially one this adorable and big and round and squishy and sleepy and …. I digress.ScharnBLOG-6

We had a big storm forecasted right around this shoot date.  I was praying that it would NOT fall on a scheduled shoot because we were so booked that there was really no other available dates to shuffle around! Well, I do believe that God cares about even the small details of our lives and once again, He was good.  The storm landed on a Thursday… right between two shoots and all was well!  See, even this guy was happy about it!ScharnBLOG-4

Additionally, I had just received a package of newborn bonnets and wraps that I had ordered a while back from my favorite vendor, Merrieknit.  Opening those is like Christmas morning for me!  All three bonnets in these next shots are from her.  I just love them don’t you!?ScharnBLOG-3



Sometimes clients come in and they’ve seen a particular pose they like.  Baby willing I’ll always do my best to try to recreate it.  Mama mentioned this one below with the bow tie.  Can I tell you how many times I’ve done this post before?… ONE, one time.  I had done it because the little guy was just so sleepy and relaxed and floppy with his arms that it just sort of happened.  But guess what?  This handsome little dude was the same way and we got the shot!  It was meant to be. Love when those things work out!

ScharnBLOG-5His daddy was off plowing and cleaning up our roads from the big storm to keep everyone safe, so it was just a mother son date this time.  And would you just LOOK at this gorgeous mama and her sweet baby boy!ScharnBLOG-7

I do it for the snuggles ~Sarah

Christmas Baby | Maine Newborn Photographer

Wow.  It has been a baby BOOM over here at Mercy Street!  So many babies born in December and patiently waiting to come in for their newborn photographs.  I have two littles of my own so I was home with them over their school break.  But boy did I hit the ground sprinting back at the studio after the new year!  Of course we had to still do some Christmas set ups! Our first clients of the new year were SUPER Christmas fans and brought this adorable hat to use on their baby girl.  And those lips!CapalboBLOG-3

Here’s another gorgeous look simply switching to a headband and getting another angle in.  This is always my goal as long as baby is still happy and sleeping.  Which this baby girl was.  CapalboBLOG-4

I also like to give a good variety of beautiful color and poses so we did some sweet pastels for this sweet sleepy dreamer.

And lastly, I DO kind of have a thing about turning babies into little teddy bears.  Of course I won’t if that’s not YOUR thing but just LOOK how adorbs!CapalboBLOG-5

I do it for the snuggles ~Sarah

NewCastle NH Family Photoshoot |Chacon Family

Happy Fall Y’all! Isn’t that what they say down south? It sure feels like were living in the south lately with these warm sunny days we’ve been enjoying! Its Lynn here putting up a quick blog post to help me soak in a little sunshine from a sun filled family session. On this rainy dreary day, I needed a little does of sun.

I met up with this sweet family one day mid September. As was the way this fall just seemed to go we had a gorgeous night to head to one of my favorite little spots out on New Castle.  This little lady had the most infectious giggle! And can we talk about her adorable Unicorn dress?! I think we all could benefit from owning a dress like that…how can you not smile when you are wearing a dress with a rainbow unicorn on it! 2017-10-25_0001If you’ve ever had me take your photos you know I love trying to get a couple with kids and JUST Mom, and then kids and JUST Dad. I think its great how kids react differently sometimes when they are sitting with one parent or the other. Im also wondering if we need to start holding  a contest when I take these pictures to see who can get kiddos laughing more–Mom or Dad?2017-10-25_0004

Dad really got this little lady going!I don’t know what silly jokes he was whispering but it sure got her laughing. Buuuuttt Mom had her cracking up pretty good too!2017-10-25_0003

Ok I will just call this one a tie! 🙂 Although truth be told, this smily girl didn’t need ANY help in that department. I am not sure there was a second we were together that she WASNT smiling. Maybe its the unicorn dress!!! 🙂2017-10-25_0005

We had a special treat on this beautiful night; Grandma was in town from Illinois and we got to photograph her with her daughter and granddaughter. I don’t know about you, but generational photos are so special to me. 2017-10-25_00022017-10-25_0006

I hope that this little (BIG) dose of sunshine and silly smiles did something to make your humpday go by little faster. Thank you to the Chacon family for spending some time with me and allowing me to freeze time with you for an hour. 🙂2017-10-25_0007

Morgan’s Ultimate Senior Portrait Session | ME Senior Photographer

I’m going to try very hard not to share every.single.image from Morgan’s shoot, which is going to take a great deal of restraint, because I’m in love with them all.


I photographed Morgan when she was in 8th grade, and her sister a few years ago, and I knew from these past interactions that the fashion was going to be ON POINT.


I also knew this shoot was going to be epic, because Morgan wanted to be photographed on a sailboat, and honestly I couldn’t think of anything greater than photographing her on one.


Morgan’s mom is the unsung hero of this shoot because she worked behind the scenes to get the boat(s)/locations squared away.


When I met them at The Crown I got a peek into the trunk at her outfits, accessories, and shoes. I squealed with delight (on the inside, of course) …I think…actually I may have squealed out loud. It’s all a blur now. Anyway, I LOVED Morgan’s style.


We headed over to the yacht club and (with permission) boarded some of the boats. And then we took a short boat ride out to a catamaran for some more pictures. PaulM-22b

It was everything.


Morgan was so fun to photograph, and honestly if the shoot had ended right there it would’ve been A-Mazing…but we had planned a 2nd destination, so we hoped in our cars and headed to Odiorne Point for some additional photos.


I had only shot one other time at Odiorne, a few years ago, but remembered some really cool graffiti walls that I wanted to find. I thought the graffiti would pair well with Morgan’s edgy urban mini skirt and she was game for an adventure, so we set off into the woods to see if we could locate them.

PaulM-26Unfortunately the area that had the graffiti was filled in with large boulders, but we made the best of it by using what we could of the space, and the filler boulders.


Per usual, my squirrel-like perceptions lead me to spot a bridge on the way to Odiorne Point that I felt was perfect for photos. I’m sure it wasn’t what they had in mind when they thought of that location, but they trusted, and we walked over to he bridge. Honestly the bridge shots are straight up eye candy for me. Photographers dig lines. The pants. The bridge. All the lines.


Soon we couldn’t deny that the sun was setting and we had one shot left…a water shot. Morgan slipped into a gorgeous lace dress and we scoured the muddy shoreline for a spot for her to enter the water.


We stole the last few minutes of daylight getting our water shots.

It was such a fun shoot, I rushed home to upload her images; opening those files was like opening a treasure chest.

Thank you Morgan and Anita for a wonderful, adventurous photoshoot.



Newborns and Tie Dye | Southern Maine Newborn Photographer

I like unique.  If you come into the studio covered in awesome tattoos, rocking dreadlocks, toting a large dog behind you or throwing amazing tie dye blankets at me, I’m going to love you.  (But don’t worry.  If you’re totally bland, like myself, I’ll love you too!) There’s just something about things that are out of our “norm” (whatever “norm” is) that get my creative juices flowing.

chadwick blog-17

So when I learned (at the very end of the session) that Meredith is a tie dye artist… check her out HERE! … and she brought this amazing blanket, my eyes lit up.  The wheels started turning as I grabbed from our props and started piecing together the shot I wanted to get.  And wouldn’t you know it, these turned out to be my absolute favorite images from this awesome newborn photo session!

chadwick blog-18

Gorgeous Tie Dye blanket by: Soul Shine Maine

However, when you have a mom this great and a newborn that sleeps the ENTIRE time and is so chill he’s putty in your hands for posing, its pretty hard to get a bad shot and pretty hard to choose a favorite.  Here… you decide!


chadwick blog-15

chadwick blog-11

chadwick blog-9

chadwick blog-14

chadwick blog-16

It is such a privilege to be able to use photography to freeze this fleeting newborn stage of life.  I do it for that… and the snuggles 🙂