Christmas Baby | Maine Newborn Photographer

Wow.  It has been a baby BOOM over here at Mercy Street!  So many babies born in December and patiently waiting to come in for their newborn photographs.  I have two littles of my own so I was home with them over their school break.  But boy did I hit the ground sprinting back at the studio after the new year!  Of course we had to still do some Christmas set ups! Our first clients of the new year were SUPER Christmas fans and brought this adorable hat to use on their baby girl.  And those lips!CapalboBLOG-3

Here’s another gorgeous look simply switching to a headband and getting another angle in.  This is always my goal as long as baby is still happy and sleeping.  Which this baby girl was.  CapalboBLOG-4

I also like to give a good variety of beautiful color and poses so we did some sweet pastels for this sweet sleepy dreamer.

And lastly, I DO kind of have a thing about turning babies into little teddy bears.  Of course I won’t if that’s not YOUR thing but just LOOK how adorbs!CapalboBLOG-5

I do it for the snuggles ~Sarah

Strength | Maine Newborn Photographer

Every now and again in life, someone crosses my path with a story that touches me.  It is plain to see that this mama is stunning on the outside and that her sweet girl is the epitome of adorable.  But what they cannot show are the details of her journey.  Archerblog-8 And if those could be laid bare before us, we’d see so much.  Most of all, I think we’d see the sheer inner strength of this young woman.  I pray these photos captured a fraction of it.  Archerblog-9







The journey of motherhood ahead will not be easy either.  But the rewards are infinitely greater than the struggles.  Blessings on the road ahead!


I do it for the snuggles