Emma | Ultimate Senior Portrait Shoot Southern Maine, Seacoast NH

I know most girls are pretty much over their prom dresses after May. But it’s still the most expensive, and most beautiful outfit in their closet, and given the investment, it’s great to have an actual portrait in it. Since our Ultimate sessions include hair & makeup, as well as several hours of photography at various locations, we have time to stop at the studio to snag a few pics before we head off to the rest of the photoshoot.


Moms are happy and girls are glad they did it…and they’ll be even more glad in years to come.


Our next stop was a flower field…


Emma had a beautiful boho-inspired dress that was the perfect outfit to spin and twirl through the field.

Emma also liked the idea of having sea grass, so we headed to a nearby location that I knew had seagrass…


..but while we were parking I spotted a really cool, lush green, jungle-vibe spot and I asked Emma to trust me and step into the mess of vines and trees. I love the resulting photo and you’d probably not guess that she was standing in a parking lot when we took these shots. Teehee.


Then we stepped into the sea grass. Emma had brought these pants she loved, which she picked up while traveling in Paris. They were perfect and I really love when girls show up with clothing that is meaningful and different.


Our last stop was the ocean.


We got got sand between our toes…


climbed the rocks…


..and of course, ended the shoot with a little dip in the Atlantic.

“Oh, Erin!!!  All of the picture are so beautiful. Thank you so much. I don’t know how Em will narrow it down to 1 for the yearbook. Glad that I can buy the gallery and don’t have to pick just a couple.
You made the whole experience for Em completely fun and magical!!!!!”
-Lynne (Emma’s Mom)