Clara| NH Newborn Photographer



When Clara’s mom told me that she would be happy if we just got a picture of each of her girls NOT blurry, I was pretty excited.  I love low goals!


Would you believe it decided to rain cats and dogs on the day of their photoshoot!?  The day where a mother and father and 4 little girls, had to get outfits on and hair done and a newborn fed and happy and out the door?  Yeah.  Not cool Maine weather.  Not cool.


Despite the dreary weather, Clara’s mom was first through the door with a brilliant smile on her face and a positive attitude to boot. “That’s the great thing about curly hair!  The rain will just make it curlier!” she quipped.  I knew it was going to be a great shoot.  And it was!  There was snuggling on goat hair rugs, jumping on beds, super hero capes and lolli-pop treats.


olstad-blog-7Little miss Clara took it all in stride and was just a DOLL for her solo portion of the shoot. Clara and her family have a very special story.  You see Clara is a unique little girl in that she has a twin in Heaven.  We and her parents stand on God’s promise that they will meet one day and have all their babies together in one place.  So we had to do a very special photo to celebrate the gift of Clara’s life, to honor the story that is now a part of this family’s fiber and to honor and remember Clara’s twin.




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