Perspective | Maine Family Photographer

A few weeks ago one of our wonderful clients called me about getting some new headshots. While we were chatting she shared that I had taken “an amazing picture” of her daughter during their last shoot, back in June. But she wasn’t talking about the daughter I was hired to photograph. She reminded me that at the end of her daughter’s 15th birthday shoot, I walked over to their younger daughter and asked if I could grab a quick shot of her. She had been playing along the salty shore at Drakes Island with her parents, as her big sister was off getting photographed with her besties.

The little girl was around the same age as my youngest, and still held all the joy and innocence of childhood in her face. She had that after beach look, curly, sun touched hair that was likely loaded with sand, and a big towel draped around her damp swimsuit. The air was orange from the firey sunset and this sweet girl, glowed as she hugged her towel and waited patiently for us adults to stop chatting.

My client went on about the photo, she said, “what is amazing about it is that I took a photo of her just a minute earlier with my phone, and yours looks so different. Like so completely different. Even her hair looks like it was combed, and it wasn’t”. She was so in awe that I asked her to send me her photo so I could see what she was seeing.



When I see these photos, I don’t think that one is necessarily better than the other, but they are starkly different.

Both of us captured what we saw. A mom captured a silly playful moment with her little girl who was enjoying the beach, and one minute later, I captured a patient little girl, who was bundled up as the sun disappeared behind the horizon.

Perspective changes everything. That’s the beauty of the art of photography.

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