NH Proposal Photographer |Logan and Lindsey

When Erin let me know she had someone who was looking to have their proposal photographed, I said ‘YES!’ without hesitation. I was still riding high on the surprise proposal I’d witnessed three weeks prior and couldn’t wait to be a part of another. I reached out to Logan (one half of the future bride and groom to be) and after actually speaking to him I was even more excited. As Logan told me his plan for proposing to his girlfriend I found myself ‘awww-ing’ out loud. More than once. He had clearly put a lot of time and energy, and most importantly love, into his plan to ask Lindsey to be his wife.

When I showed up where the proposal was going to happen I was greeted by Logans sister, some nieces and nephews, a couple brothers, a brother in law and even their pastor! Logan had enlisted his entire family to pull of his plan so that it would hopefully be a complete surprise. His sister quickly filled me in on the last minute details and I started snapping photos of the scene. The rose lined pathway, the candle lanterns and the beautiful hand painted sign that his Aunt had created, were all set up and waiting.2017-01-12_0002

Before I knew it, I was getting the signal that they would be pulling up any minute and that I should go into ‘hiding’. ( I may or may not have been humming the theme to  Mission Impossible as I tucked myself behind a bush up against the building.) I started snapping as soon as I saw them head up the walkway and watched as he presented her with one rose to signify each important things they had been through.2017-01-07_0001

As they began to walk toward the candle lit path I tried to stay close, but out of the way so that I wouldn’t interrupt the moment. I knew the actual proposal would be happening as they got closer to the sign, and I also knew I was going to have to control my own water works. It was the sweetest sight to see a couple make the commitment to be married.2017-01-10_00022017-01-10_0003

I saw Lindsey nod several times, and Logan placed the ring on her finger!!! After a brief hug and kiss (and probably the coolest thing Ive ever seen at a proposal–but more on that in a minute) one by one Logans family came out of hiding to congratulate the couple.2017-01-07_0003I always love the moment when I am ‘discovered’. 🙂

logan-proposal-39-copyI was so honored to play a small role in capturing this surprise proposal and wish Logan and Lindsay the most beautiful future. OH! And I promised Id go back to the coolest thing Ive seen at a proposal. Did anyone notice the plume of smoke drifting into one of the photos above? It was the remnants of this!!! There is no other way celebrate a proposal on the 4th of July weekend!logan-proposal-55a-copy

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