Airplane Mini Sessions. The True Story.


The airplane mini session saga began last spring. One of our amazing clients made these really awesome cardboard planes and a knit aviator hat for us. Since then I’ve been dreaming of doing these airplane minis. Spring turned into summer, then fall..and well…the box planes became an obstacle in the storage area.

Until January when we began dreaming up our 4-month mini-series. The airplanes found themselves on our schedule for March. I ordered blue paper and Sarah fashioned some happy clouds. We were ready to go.

I missed our target date for these sessions because I hadn’t gotten a model in to try it all out. If I’m honest, I was just being lazy. Sarah suggested that I contact one of our clients who had recently been in for a newborn shoot. I dragged my feet..and then while I was on vacation she pushed me again and I finally reached out and set the date for today. I was in Puerto Rico at the time….with lots of fire and ambition. I texted Sarah that I’d like to have a second set, I envisioned paper airplanes hanging above the bed, but that was all I had.  .2 seconds later, Sarah texted me this:


I lOVED this set. I needed this to happen. The trouble is that I was far far away from the studio and a Hobby Lobby. But I had a few days to make it happen and Sarah was willing to help.

This morning Sarah texted me an “oh crap, today is your model shoot” – I was like “yeah, I am unprepared for the bed set”. I got to the studio and set up the airplanes & clouds and then I took a crack at the bed set. I knew it didn’t have all the elements of Sarah’s glorious sketch, but I thought I had the bones.


I texted a picture of it to Sarah. She responded:


Then. “don’t worry, we’ll get it set up”.
Don’t miss the key word: “we’ll”
By the time I texted her back she had already pulled a sign off her wall at home, turned it over and started painting the back of it white so she could create the sign you see in the photo below. When it comes to creative endeavors, this girl means business.
So I asked her what time she’d like me to meet her at the studio to put it all together. She tells me 2pm. Cool.
I showed up at 2pm and the entire set was created to perfection. She let me hang the mobile with her: 
^^ see how helpful I’m being? Documenting her genius.
Her son was with her and we had the best time flying the paper airplanes that they made together today.
I can’t wait to use this setup. I am in love with it.
Our airplane mini sessions are taking place this Saturday morning. We actually have 3 sets (the 3rd is a surprise..mostly because I forgot to take pictures of it today).
These sessions are $50 and then prints and digitals are sold separately. Email us to reserve your spot!

Mini Sessions New Castle, NH

So if you’re following along on ‘Lynns Summer Session of 2016 Tour’ you know we left off on a beach in August. After taking a couple of weeks off for vacation I was ready to get back full force. Summer doesn’t last for ever around these parts, and I was looking forward to sunset sessions and taking some pictures! A few times a year, typically once each season, we offer mini sessions. These are shorter in length than our full sessions, which has pros and cons as you can read about HEREbut they are packed with fun! I had 4 families lined up one Sunday evening and would be finishing the night with a newly (as in the evening before) engaged couple! I am sure people would much rather see photos of these wonderful people, rather than just listen to me Blah Blah about it!  I kicked off my evening with a family that I had met when Erin photographed them the prior fall. I was excited to meet up with them and take their LAST family photo of them being a family of 4! I learned they would be growing their family by one more the coming December. Watching our clients families grow up, and grow in size is one of my favorite things about being a photographer.2017-03-11_0005.jpgUp next I met with a family of the sweetest sisters. Sometimes with siblings you have to coax them to be near each other, but these girls instantly (and happily 🙂 jumbled together when it was time to take photos. Dad was by far outnumbered by all his ladies, and he seemed perfectly content with that!2017-03-11_0001This next trio I also met while working with Erin the prior fall. This Mom and her two gorgeous daughters drive three hours–EACH WAY– to have Mercy Street Studio photograph them. I don’t know that there is much more of an honor than that!2017-03-11_0002.jpgWe kept on trucking taking advantage of this gorgeous warm night. I was excited to meet up with my next family because I had photographed them the prior summer, and its always fun to see how big the kids have grown! I try to remember that *I* have not grown another year older. No, NOT ME. Just the children I’m seeing 🙂 These three little blonde cuties make my job fun and easy 🙂2017-03-11_0003.jpg On this night I had another family who drove from over an hour away upon recommendation from one of her friends whom we have photographed. These two kids were so much fun together! You know when you see two siblings who genuinely LIKE each other? Yeah…thats how these two are. You guys are doing it all right with these two kids, Mom and Dad! When Mom called a couple weeks after her session to ask us to make this family photo into a large canvas to hang on their wall I was so happy! Knowing our clients have photos that hang in their home and don’t just live on their hard drives thrills me to no end! Print your photos, friends!!!2017-03-11_0004Last, but certainly not least, I met up with a newly (less than 48 hours!) engaged couple. Erin has worked with Steven a number of times and when he proposed to Bethany, he called us to photograph them. They wanted to use a photograph of them as their way to ‘announce’ their amazing news to all their friends and family! These two were such an amazing way to end a whirlwind evening of photography. They have since gotten married, and I wish them a long and happy marriage!2017-03-11_00062017-03-11_0007.jpgThank you too all these fantastic people for making a Sunday evening of mini sessions fun and easy. They are a whirlwind when we are doing them…15 minutes flies by so fast, but you can see we are able to get some beautiful photographs in short time. The countdown to summer and photo sessions on the beach is on!

Baby + Cake | Cake Smash Photoshoot

There’s something about babies and cakes that just go together. It’s like the marrying of two wonderful things, like peanut butter & jelly, or lemonade & a warm summer day. Add cake to babies and good things happen.

Cake smash 3

We typically photograph cake smashes as part of the one year photo session. Though I honestly wouldn’t be opposed to adding cake to any session.

cake smash 6

Our one year sessions start out quite normal. Baby. Family. Siblings. Adorable outfit changes. All the cuteness being captured while we make strange noises and have things fall off our heads. Good times.

Cake smash 1

Then, once the child has endured enough of our picture taking antics, then comes the reward.


They don’t see it coming, it just sort of appears in front of them.

Cake smash pink

And suddenly everything else in the room disappears. For a moment it’s just them and the cake.

cake smash 7

Once they taste it they typically look at mom and dad, for approval. Like, “this is awfully good and really really messy, can I just do this?”

cake smash 5

Mom and dad give affirmations and then it’s on like donkey kong.

Cake smash 4

Good times for everyone.

Cake smash 8

And if they brought a sibling who is drooling off to the sidelines, they sometimes get in on the action.

Cake smash 2

Because if you’re a partner in crime at home…

Cake smash dog.jpg

…well then, you should be a partner in cake too.

cake smash outside

Cakes and babies (and sometimes dogs). Making photography magic happen one birthday at a time.



Family Photoshoot | Newcastle, NH

Hi Everyone! Its Lynn again continuing my attempt to blog my 2016 shooting season. These summer photos are making me pine for beach weather big time! After taking a couple weeks off last summer for vacation it was time to get back to shooting families. On a warm August night I met up with this gorgeous family for some beach fun. Taking photos of small kids is one of my favorite things. They can sure give me a workout, but make they me laugh the whole time!2017-03-06_0002

The ages of these children were so similar to my own two kids and so I treated this session much like I do when I (try to!) get photos of my own kids…make it as much fun as I can and then capture them as they play! This little guy was perfectly happy to wander about the sand, occasionally taste testing rocks.2017-03-07_0002Have you ever seen a prettier little face? She and I became fast friends and she had no trouble hamming it up for the camera.2017-03-06_0001 We played in the sand and wandered around the waters edge for a bit. I let these two just be adorable together.2017-03-07_0003And just because I can’t help myself, and am enjoying looking at SUNNY photos on this gloomy day, I will share a couple more photos of this fun family.2017-03-07_0006

Thank you so much for making my first session after my vacation fun and easy!